Acsin Copper Star String Lights Decorative Lighting Warm Atmosphere Nordic Style 3M 20 LEDs Luminous Garland, Battery Powered

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Product Description

  • You will love this LED garland of 20 stars bronze that will bring sweetness and enchantment to your decoration. For your interior decoration or for your events like your wedding or the Christmas meal, you will know how to instill a warm atmosphere that your guests will appreciate thanks to the bronze star light garland.
  • We like: its LED lighting reproducing a nice halo of softness safely, without risk of overheating. Its battery-powered system allows you to connect it wherever you want, without looking for a power outlet nearby.
  • The bronze star light string is illuminated by 3 AA batteries: you will not need to connect it to the mains. You can use it easily: unfold the garland, insert the batteries in the box provided for this purpose, and press the "ON" button for the magic to work!
  • The garland of bright stars in bronze metal will be ideal to adorn the outline of mirrors, frames where to add light on your furniture and tables, you can use it everywhere to create a splendid luminosity!
  • Your guests will be amazed by your majestic and unique decor!