Reasons for choosing to use points!

For sellers:

For buyers:

How does it work?

Earning Points:

1.Register an account and complete personal information in Savesoo;
2.Daily sign in;
3.Refer a friend(The invited user must register a Savesoo account through your tracking link);
4.Buy freebies

Members must remain active in Savesoo Rewards Programs to retain Points they accumulate. If a Member has not logged into Savesoo for 30 consecutive days, that Member will forfeit all accumulated Points. However, Savesoo will send Members a reminder before the points expire.

Buying Points:

You can choose to recharge points by yourself, the points equivalent is: 1 $ = 100 points

Note: Please check your account information carefully before recharging; points will not be refunded after recharging confirmation.

Redeeming Points:

Points> = 4500 can be redeemed for $ 37.50. If there are remaining points, the remaining points can be redeemed again when it reaches the threshold.

For example, if a Member holds 12000 points, he can redeem for 100$, and the remaining points will be rolled to when he holds 4500 points and it can be redeemed.

Note: The value of the US dollar may fluctuate with exchange rates.


Note: The points function must be activated in the “My point” column of the background to obtain the right to use points.