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Product Description

  • Safety Induction Suspension System : Slide switch to “on” position, it will emitting a brilliant light, after about 3-5 seconds the propellers will begin to spin. Release the ball from your hand and let it fly up. It is motion-sensitive so it detects nearby objects and is programmed moves away from them. the idea is that you launch it and then hold your hand underneath it to keep it in the air it continuously detects your hand and moves away from you or your kids, families will enjoy this amusin
  • Both Hand and Remote Control : this is a hand sensor induction suspended flying toy, when the flying ball flies up you should put your hand underneath the flying ball to control its flying, or use the remote controller, press the remote control switch, start the flying ball.
  • Multiple Protections RC Toys : 1. Use of environmentally friendly non-toxic materials; 2. Owns resistance to fall, the wings are not easy to break, etc not easily deformed; 3. The flying ball will be stationary for 3-5 seconds after switch on to ensure safety; 4.When the toy collides with other objects, it will stop whirling; 5. Automatic power off protection when charging finishes.
  • Scientific and Pretty Design : The ball contains the battery and motor and also some flashing led lights, when you turn it on the lights flash brightly creating great visual appeal. It looks fantastic at night in a darkened room and is also very therapeutic if you are stressed out after a hard day. Meanwhile the flashing led lights are more attractive to children.

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