Aronclub Gel Blaster Toy Gun Assault Rifle, Outdoor Toys with Two Ways to Play and Three Kinds of Bullets: Gel Beads, Soft Bullets or Plastic Beads (1980-C)

Toys, Kids & Baby

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Product Description

  • The epidemic will always pass, and life will continue!
  • As a Toy Gun: There are three kinds of bullets-gel water beads, soft bullets or plastic beads. Gel bead is a safe material, it will become bigger when completely soaked in water for 3-4 hours, and it can be used when it reaches 7-8mm. When shooting, the water-gelled beads will easily rupture upon impact. The gel is non-toxic and biodegradable, and will disappear completely after drying, reducing the frequency of cleaning by parents.
  • As a Building Block: The toy gun can be disassembled, allowing children to piece together the original toy gun based on their own imagination and memory; it can also exercise the child's ability to disassemble toys. Imagination, memory, carefulness, perseverance, these are the good qualities that a child needs. There are English instructions and pictures in the box to help children understand.
  • Environmental Protection Material: The appearance is made of high-quality ABS plastic. Load the bullet manually and pull the trigger to fire the bullet without battery. Save energy and protect the environment.
  • Group Interactive Games: It is really exciting to enhance the children's team spirit and reaction speed, and to bring the children closer to their family and friends.
  • Advanced Packaging: A beautiful box contains toy guns, 2 * 500 gel ball bullets, soft bullets * 3, plastic bullets * 12, disassembly tools * 1, target * 1. Suitable for birthdays, holidays, school party gifts. Now click "Add to Cart".