12 bath bomb sets aromatherapy shower steam tablets

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Product Description

  • [100% pure essential oils] SHVYOG shower steam provides 6 kinds of natural aromatherapy essential oils through shower steam, which can help improve your mood. Let the mind be full of vitality and refreshed. Its high-quality ingredients include eucalyptus, mint, lavender, tea tree, rose and chamomile. Provide a powerful aromatherapy experience.
  • [Turn the shower into a steam room] Bring the sauna and steam room experience back to your shower. The shower steam iron will bubble in the warm water and release the aromatic essential oils, allowing you to enjoy a hot spring-like experience in the comfort of your home. They are perfect for those who don't fully focus on soaking in hot water for a long time, and they may also be girls who don't have their own beautiful bathtubs.
  • [Easy to use, pleasant smell] Put an unpackaged shower steam iron on the back of the shower, away from direct water flow. Then turn on the hot water to activate the tablets and let the aromatic steam slowly flow out in the air. If it is under water, it will disappear quickly. When the tablet dissolves, take a few deep breaths to enjoy the blocking effect of the essential oil mixed with steam.
  • [Relieve stress and relax] After a long day, restore your senses and relieve congestion, the pressure of luxurious breath every time. The relaxing aromatherapy bath melting scents of essential oils include decongested eucalyptus and menthol-just like Vicks steam rubs! All natural shower steam filling your shower will provide you with a soothing therapeutic experience.
  • [Shower Aromatherapy Tablets] These bubble baths melt into fun and popular gifts that can maintain health, congestion, and relieve sinusitis and colds. Give them as birthday or Christmas gifts to teachers, family and friends. Small individually packaged shower bomb, very suitable for traveling at home, gym or hotel.