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Pet Water Fountain

Home & Garden

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Product Description

  • Drinking Made More Enjoyable: The Petlibro Water Fountain attracts your pet to drink more from flowing water as to them it seems fresh and clean, while the large, flat tray makes it easier for cats to spot the water without having the whisker brushing the tray.
  • 5-Layer Circulated Filtration: Tray mesh, sponge, GAC (Granular Activated Carbon), ion exchange resin, plus medical stone are to filter out hair, large particles, debris, sand & rust, remove odors & impurities, soften hard tap water, and improve water quality.
  • Fresh Water 24/7: A 74oz reservoir provides a continuous supply of clean, safe water for your pet for about a month, while taking up little floor space; with a detachable design for easy & thorough cleaning (Add purified water between MIN & MAX markings).
  • Smart Control: This pet water dispenser boasts total safety with an auto off function at a low water level to avoid pump running dry, with a water level window for easier monitoring, while working quietly at a noise level as low as 38dB, with a smart night light auto on in the darkness.
  • Change Filters Regularly: The quintuple activated water filter lasts up to one month of use (or sooner if more than one cat drinks from); you may contact our customer service to purchase the replacement filter for this cat water fountain.