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2Pack NO Touch Hands Free Door Opener, Foot Operated Door Opener Tool for Bathroom (Black, 2 Pack) c (2 Pack Sliver)

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Product Description

  • NO Touch Hands Free Door Opener, brass Foot Operated Door Opener for Bathroom,Hands Free Door Opener,Foot Pedal Opener,Touchless Foot Door Pull Opener for Public Bathroom Doors
  • ==✂===【Feature】===✂==
  • ➤ When you think about how weird it is, public bathroom doors pretty much reverse everything you just did while washing your hands.
  • ➤ But then when it comes to the door, we still have to place our freshly cleaned hands onto the same disgusting handle that everyone that chose not to wash their hands also grabbed while exiting the bathroom.
  • ➤ These ingenious foot door openers called the Free Foot Door Opener allow you to exit the bathroom hands free, and should really be installed onto every public bathroom door!
  • ➤ The “ Free Foot Door Opener ” is easily installed onto any non-latching inward opening door, by using just 3 included screws to fasten it to the bottom corner of the door.
  • ➤It's a great way to avoid dirty things that may be on public doorhandles, open doors while both of your hands are full, reduce paper towel costs by not having to have your hands perfectly dry when exiting the bathroom, or just to prevent cross contamination.
  • ➤ The“ Free Foot Door Opener ” Foot Door Handle - Open public bathroom doors with your foot
  • ==✂===【Specifics】===✂==
  • ➤ Size: 12x7x2cm
  • ➤ Weight: 270g
  • ➤ Color: black, silver
  • ➤ Material: Steel
  • ==✂===【Packaging Include】===✂==
  • ➤ 2x Touchless Hands Free Foot Door Opener

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