SEGMINISMART Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray, Cat Training Spray, Cat Scratching Training Spray, Suitable for Plants, Furniture, Floors and More with Rosemary Oil and Lemongrass, Protect Your Home

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Product Description

  • Protect Furniture and Houses: This safe and natural anti-scratch spray prevents most cats from scratching furniture and sofas.
  • Safe Ingredients: Gentle botanical ingredients are effective for most cats, so you can protect your furniture while having the perfect pet companion.
  • Cat Repellent Spray: Trains the cat to stay away from the object or area sprayed - Pleasant smell for you awful smell for your feline friend.
  • Where To Use: Use on furniture, plants, counter tops, phone chargers, power cables, computer cables, headphones, draperies. Protect your home fully and easily.
  • How To Use: For best results, you need to use 4 times per day for the every week. If you apply the repellent/trainer only once or twice and expect immediate and conclusive results you may be disappointed.