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Product Description

  • Moisturizing: Deep moisturizing , heal and treat cracked and damaged lips, Give your lips a long lasting luscious color. Matcha lip sleeping mask protects your lips from drying and rejuveenates them while you sleep.
  • Treat Cracked and Damaged Lips: Green Tea Moisturizing Lip Balm contains natural ingredients such as green tea extract, coconut oil and vitamin E, mainly for dry and cracked lips.
  • Lip Protection: Hydrating, all natural and vegan lip mask treatment to hydrate, soften and smooth dry, chapped, dehydrated and normal lips. Lip Sleeping Mask conditioning and deep moisturizing ingredients help keep your lips healthy and juicy.
  • No Excessive Odor or Taste: Green Tea Lip Mask has a very faint, mild green tea fragrance that doesn't overpower. This not sticky formula is an amazing all day and all night treatment, that will get very addicting for your lips.
  • Heal Lips while You Sleep: Say goodbye to dry, chapped and cracked lip as you use our soothing and moisturizing Green Tea lip sleeping mask balm. While you are sleeping, this lip mask ultimately heals and restores your lips to become ultra soft and supple.